The Law Offices of Herschel C. Adcock, Jr. provides a combination of end-to-end foreclosure and legal services. We carry out all default services (i.e., foreclosure, eviction, and subsequent REO closing). Our firm foreclosure department consists of attorneys and paralegals working thoroughly on each and every loan to achieve excellent results for our clients. We pursue the foreclosure action properly, ethically and respectfully, in compliance with federal and state law, and our clients’ directives.

Our foreclosure department has a vast range of knowledge and experience in the following areas:
•Foreclosure and Enforcement of Creditor Rights in Immovables/Real Property
•Loss Mitigation (Loan Modifications, Forbearance Packages & other repayment plans)
•Title Resolution
•Mortgage Banking
•Financial Institution Law

•Title Examination
•Due Process Noticing
•Courthouse Postings
•Notice of Sale Filing and Recording
•Borrower Inquiry Processing
•Trustee Sale Efforts Coordination
•Sale Proceeds Distribution
•Sale Documentation Delivery

•Review of pre-foreclosure notices
•Title Examination
•Default and Final Judgment
•Sheriff’s or Referee’s Sale

Fee schedules are available upon request.

For inquires regarding possible representation for matters related to Foreclosure
please contact us at: 225-756-0373