First and foremost our firm adheres to The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) (15 USC 1692 et seq.), which became effective in March 1978.

Our collection department specializes in the efficient statewide administration of creditor claims and the enforcement of creditor rights in movable property and the collection of balances due on promissory notes, open accounts, auto and other deficiency balances. Our team of qualified collectors performs all collection activities including debt analysis, background verification, skip-tracing, pre-litigation collection, litigation, wage garnishment and property attachment.

Our firm provides legal advice and representation to our clients through the three phases of the debt collection process:

Pre litigation collections: Before a lawsuit becomes necessary, our collectors will attempt to contact the borrower and work out a re payment plan to remedy the situation. We will contact the consumer by calling and/or sending letters explaining the situation and their options.

Litigation: If pre litigation collection attempts fail, we will immediately file a lawsuit and attempt to resolve the collection matter in court.

Post judgment collection: It is still possible that the borrower will refuse to pay the directed amount after a judgment has been entered. Our skilled attorneys holds a great deal of experience dealing with these type of situations and locating assets. Once assets are verified, we can get a garnishment on bank accounts or paychecks or executions on non-exempt personal assets.

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