Our repossession/replevin department has decades of experience navigating Louisiana’s civil law repossession system. Our attorneys have the technical experience required to obtain an effective writ of replevin in an effort to help clients recover their collateral. In addition, we also have experience in bringing deficiency motions after the collateral is subsequently sold, should a deficiency remain.

We provide statewide coverage for prompt and efficient repossession of many types of collateral, including but not limited to:
•Mobile Homes
•Farm Equipment

Repossession: Lenders may repossess secured collateral when debtors default on the terms of the loan. Our attorneys can guide lenders through the court process for repossession, keeping them abreast of updates in the case and working to obtain as efficient resolution as possible.

Replevin: Lenders may recover secured collateral through replevin when access to the secured property is unavailable. By bringing a replevin action in court, our attorneys can assist lenders in recovering hidden collateral, much quicker than through repossession. Fee schedules are available upon request.

For inquires regarding possible representation for matters related to Foreclosure, please contact us at 225-756-0373